Kylo's 6 Month Photos

This is Kylo. He's my little boy. And wow, he is full of personality!

The adorable hat he is wearing was purchased by our daughter while I was pregnant. She was 8 years old and so excited for her first sibling! She decided to sell flowers to the neighbors to raise money to buy her new brother presents for when he was born. She picked wild flowers (are dandy lions), wrapped them with tap and walked door to door. She was able to raise enough money to purchase a few outfits and this hat. She had hopes of going to a wedding with him and thought this would be perfect for him to wear. Unfortunately, the only weddings we attended this summer are ones I was photographing so little man wasn't able to wear the hat to a wedding. But he was able to wear it in his 6 month photos so we can always remember what an excited, amazing, and thoughtful big sister he has!

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